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Weight Loss Surgery  

Gastric Band | Gastric Balloon | Gastric Sleeve | Gastric Bypass

Obesity is a condition, not always brought upon by us on ourselves; it can be a result of genealogy, which results in a tendency to put on weight quickly and easily. Almost anyone can be affected by it and it means a poorer lifestyle, the inability to enjoy life to the fullest and being prone to disease if you do not do anything about it.

We at Right Choice Healthcare believe that the NHS would save hundereds of millions of pounds if it were to offer weight loss surgery to obese people in the United Kingdom. It would save money by preventiing disease and promoting a healthier lifestyle, particularly as people live longer. However, the NHS has its constraints and is unable to offer preventive care in this case to everyone who needs help.

Right Choice Healthcare has put together a network of hospitals and surgeons who want to help. We offer affordable weight loss surgery. Not only that, our package is simple to understand and help you make a life changing decision.


~ Gastric Balloon - £3,495
~ Gastric Band - £5,495
~ Gastric Sleeve - £9,295
~ Gastric Bypass - £10.985
~ Gastric Wrap - £ 8,600

All treatments under General Anaesthetic, Fees include initial assessment, unlimited post op care, dietician support and access to user forum

We will offer you a free consultation to assess your suitability and leave you with complete information to make your decision. This decision is not about having surgery, but about making a lifestyle change.

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- Gastric Balloon - Gastric Band - Gastric Bypass - Gastric Sleeve - Gastric Wrap

Why Choose Us?

Our surgeons have distinguished themselves by attaining Consultant status in their chosen specialities and believe in continual professional development. Most of them have ongoing commitments to the National Health Service and, above all, share our vision of making lifestyle surgery choices in Healthcare more affordble. Together, we want to make lifestyle surgery choices accessible to a greater number of people in Britain and beyond.

The Right Choice Surgeons help you look good, feel great and lead fuller lives!

Finance Options

We can offer you Finance Options, if you:

  • work at least 16 hours a week
  • have been a UK resident fot the last three years
  • have a clean credit history, and
  • do not have any county court judgements

you could qualify for convenient payment plans at 0% APR. 

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