The initial consultation with Mr D'souza  was pleasant. I found him  approachable and felt he had my best interests at heart. He came across  efficient and I felt safe in his hands.
Preparing myself for treatment I made sure that my hair was dyed and my nails done a couple of days before surgery. Any appointments I had were seen to before surgery or changed to four weekds after surgery. I prepared and cooked meals which I froze to ensure that I had nutritious food after surgery.I am lucky to have a very supportive partner who saw to everything whilst I did nothing so that all my energy went into my healing. 
I found the staff at Sloane hospital friendly.
-  Ms L Chapman, London

I am so very happy the surgeon is so very competent, the nurses great and I was so well looked after!

Mrs J Briant, London

I would like to thank you for all your help. I found everyone very helpful. I am recovering well and very happy with results, the dr and all staff who i found very supportive. I am very happy with everything. If I think of having more surgery, I would not hesitate to come back to you again.

Glenda T, Manchester

All is fine and I am very satisfied with the of my procedure. Thank you.

Edgar H, London

I am very happy with the results of my lip reduction surgery and thoroughly pleased with the service.

James H, London

I'm still recovering from my treatment, the bruising and swelling has almost gone now and i am quite happy with my new ears. The surgeon, assistants and of course yourself have been extremely pleasant and am greatful for all your help.

Gemma C, West Yorkshire

I have recoverd from my facelift perfectly and am over the moon with the results. Mr Marcellino has been brilliant. I have had minimal scars and no complications at'all, so all in all its a perfect result. Thank you and tell me if you need me to talk to anyone contemplating a facelift with Right Choice. I am so glad I came to you!

Jacqueline Donnelly, London

Absolutely great, every one at the clinic is so nice, especially Mr. Paterson; not only is he a marvelous surgeon but a super human being.  I would recommend him to all and every one. The results are everything I had hoped for, the friends I have seen today can't get over how good my eyes look.  They are all jealous! Thank you for all your help.

E Minns, Argyll

I am so happy with the results of my  lip reduction procedure, I woudl not hesitate to recommend the surgeon for the great results and Right Choice for being there throughout.

David S, London

We were very impressed with the experience of the surgeon, who was very helpfull and reassuring me and my husband. We could not fault the care pre or post op nothing was too much trouble. Thank you for all your trouble and I'll be happy to recommend you to any friends or colleagues.

H Carr, Cumbria