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We believe in passing on our savings to our customers.

We don’t have fancy expensive offices in Harley Street! We offer excellent service at great prices. We want you to have the best standards of cosmetic surgery at reasonable prices. Then you will always come back and recommend us.


Cosmetic Surgery UK - Choose Right Choice for the Lowest Prices

Let us help you feel good, look great and lead fuller lives
Please read the Terms and Conditions of service to understand your rights and our obligation to you.

Cosmetic Surgery Prices. Dental and Weight loss treatment

Right Choice offers lifestyle treatments that enhance the way you feel, look and live your life. We believe that everyone has a right to look and feel their best and make the most of their lives. That is why we offer these treatments at such an affordable price; to make more and more people exercise their right to a fuller existence. Here is what we offer:

Have a look at the Facilities, the Surgeons, the Prices and our Aftercare and you will know that we, at Right Choice, make no compromise on quality when it comes to your well being.

For more information, to discuss your requirements, have a consultation or register your interest; 

Why Choose Us?

We have offices in Harley Street, yet we offer excellent service at great prices. We want you to have the best standards of cosmetic surgery at reasonable prices so you will always come back and recommend us..

When you go to Harley Street or any other expensive location you are paying extra just for their offices and location. That’s not fair! We deal with surgeons and hospitals all over the UK. We offer a very personal service at the lowest prices in the UK.

Almost all of our patients come to us by recommendation.

Finance Options

We can offer you Finance Options, if you:

  • work at least 16 hours a week
  • have been a UK resident fot the last three years
  • have a clean credit history, and
  • do not have any county court judgements

you could qualify for convenient payment plans at 0% APR. 

Cosmetic Surgery UK Prices

All our surgeons and doctors are trained to the highest standards. Here’s our promise to you;

  • An expert No-Obligation consultation within a reasonable distance. That means no high pressure sales tactics!
  • The best possible care before during and after your surgery. We don’t forget about you after your surgery. We follow-up 100% to make sure that you are happy and well.
  • There are no hidden charges. You will pay no more than the prices originally agreed.
  • We strictly follow all government and relevant authority guidelines.
Our clinics use the exact same equipment and instruments as the most advanced hospitals in the UK. Our doctors are very skilled professionals and the procedures meet the strictest EU expectations. Following are reasons why the costs are less abroad: 

  • Lower salaries
  • Lower real estate values
  • Lower construction costs
  • Favorable exchange rates
  • Lower government taxes
  • Less administrative paper shuffling
  • Less bureaucracy/red tape
  • Cheaper medical supplies/equipment/medications

Cosmetic Surgery Prices. Dental and Weight loss treatment

Right Choice Healthcare (UK) is here to help you with quality treatment at the right price!